Monday, August 29, 2016

The 7 Principles of the Constitution

Today in class we discussed the 7 principles of the Constitution.  These are the founding beliefs and ideas that were built into our government.  We first discussed the meaning of a "constitution" as well as "democracy" before digging into these principles.  Below you can see what we took a look at in class:

These big ideas are the foundation of our government and will be important moving forward.  Students have an assignment on Google Classroom to complete that will make sure they know which principle is which.  If a little more help is needed, check out this presentation below that may also help spell out the differences.  We did not cover this one in class:

We will move on to our first 1-4 assessment of the year tomorrow dealing with checks and balances and separation of powers!  Let's make sure we all start on the right foot!

-Mr. J.

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