Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Bit of Review

So we might have gone a bit too fast yesterday...

Students were still a bit confused about their assignment today so we slowed it down for today.  I am going to attempt to clear up any misconceptions there might be about what we are trying to accomplish.

Whenever read something, we look for four major themes.  Social is pink, and involves very large groups of people or society in general.  Political is blue, and involves the government, law, and authority.  Economic is green, and involves money, production, and consumption.  Lastly, cultural is yellow, and is all about the things that make groups unique.

When we find these things in what we read, we highlight them the colors mentioned above.

From there, we write examples of the four themes in our notes.  At the bottom of our notes we write questions about things we are not sure about.  Those get answered in class.

So here's how it looks.  First we read and highlight using our four themes and their four colors:

It's ok if stuff gets missed.  It's ok if students think something is a different color than what another student thinks.  It's ok to disagree.  As long as a student can justify why they highlighted something the color they did, they are correct.  They just have to convince me they have a good point.  After we are done highlighting, we take those highlights and convert them into notes like the ones below:

When that's done, we write down questions about the things that just made no sense to us.  That way in class we have something to discuss.  Students should put a little box by the question and check it off as it gets answered.  At the end of class if it still isn't answered, the student should absolutely ask that question.

That's our inSPECt process in a nutshell.  I hope this helps!

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