Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Constitution Review

Today in class we finished talking about the Bill of Rights and have gone into review mode for the Constitution Test on Friday.  These are the 10 questions that are on the test:

1.       Identify two ways compromise played a role in the Constitutional Convention.

2.       From the Preamble, what is one reason for writing the Constitution?  How does the government accomplish it?

3.       Define “checks and balances” and provide two examples of how this principle works in the U.S. government.

4.       Explain how a federal system of government works. 

5.       Explain why the United States is a republic. 

6.       What are two examples of how the government is limited by the Bill of Rights?

7.       Describe the process by which a bill becomes a law. 

8.       Explain who elects the President of the United States. 

9.       How does the Supreme Court use the power of judicial review? 

10.   Describe the processes by which the U.S. Constitution can be changed over time, and provide an example.

Students must answer all 10 questions.  Below is how I will be assessing their skill in the government:

Constitution Test Rubric
Skill:  Explain the origins, functions, and structures of government.
Description of Score
Each question is attempted and answered accurately and thoroughly.  Student’s responses show a complete understanding of the government and principles that is written in a clear and thoughtful manner.
Each question is attempted and answered with few to no inaccuracies.  Student’s responses show an understanding of the government.
Each question is attempted but demonstrates inaccuracies throughout.  Student’s responses show the beginnings of an understanding of the government.
Student’s responses show a lack of understanding about the government.

 Happy Studying!

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